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Alcohol Addiction is a physiological dependence on alcohol, which is indicated by evidence of tolerance or symptoms of withdrawal. Because withdrawal from alcohol can be unpleasant and intense, individuals with alcohol addiction may continue to consume alcohol, despite adverse consequences, to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol: Causes of Addiction
The development of effective treatment is partly dependent on identifying the causes of addiction. Therefore it is essential to investigate what....

Alcohol: What is a Problem?
Alcohol addiction is defined as 'the continued use of alcohol despite significant alcohol-related problems, involving a pattern of repeated .....

Alcohol: Illness and Disease
As the liver is the principal organ responsible for breaking down alcohol it bears the brunt of excessive drinking. The first stage of alcohol...

Alcohol: Social Effects
Measures to reduce alcohol-related crime could include creating an environment that inhibits the escalation of violence (for example public....

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